A Reading List

A trip to New York without a walk through the park is like eating a slice of pizza and not folding it over. One doesn’t exist without the other. Admittedly I have gone out of my way, spending more time on the subway then I able to in the park, just to step both feet inside. If I make it as far as Bethesda Terrace I feel accomplished. I almost always exit on the east side and walk back down 5th Ave. I love the side walks and the shade of the trees as well as all the stands selling goods.

While walking in the park I always look for new benches to read and always look for my one favorite on the mall. These are just a few from my archive, more for another time.

if you really love the park like I do, then you may enjoy these links:

The shape of the benches

Every bench holds a story

If you are wondering, who is Seth like I was,

this is a small piece of the puzzle.

Still Googling their story.

If I didn’t already have a favorite this would be it.

The plaque I always return to find, because its the first one I noticed

and the best one I’ve found.